Dentistry in Armenia I Dentistry in Yerevan

Dentistry in Armenia, branches of modern dentistry in Armenia

Modern dentistry in Armenia is a new opportunity to forget the fear of the doctor and the pain he causes, which has haunted many since childhood.

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Surgical Dentistry  in Armenia

Surgical Dentistry

Surgical dentistry is rapidly gaining its place in the world of medicine. In today's reality, medicine has become accessible to everyone, but people's fear of dentists has not disappeared.

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Therapeutic dentistry in Armenia

Therapeutic dentistry in Armenia

First of all, the dental therapist is a doctor who specializes in the therapeutic treatment and prevention of dental lesions and damaged areas. Very often, the first consultation related to dental problems takes place with this specialist.

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Aesthetic dentistry in Yerevan

Aesthetic dentistry

All Procedures of aesthetic dentistry are aimed at straightening teeth, whitening teeth, and treating oral cavity infections. One of the longest procedures in aesthetic dentistry is correcting the bite of adults.

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Two-stage implantation of teeth in Armenia

Two-stage implantation of teeth

At the Elix Center, we restore the patient's dentures using the classic two-stage implant procedure. This is the most reliable and safe method of restoring missing teeth.

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Implantation of a single tooth in Armenia

Single tooth implantation because of the lack of bone tissue

If the alveolar ridge has sufficient height, but the width is less than required, then the bone is cut and widened for implantation.

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