Dental implantation

10 advantages of putting implants

Implantation is in high demand all over the world today. Millions of people have already placed implants and experienced their benefits. Implants replace natural teeth in look and feeling.
However, many people are afraid to use the most advanced method of restoring lost teeth and use removable or bridge prosthesis. Implants are considered the best option for replacing lost teeth in the world today.

We will present to you 10 reasons to install implants.

♦ Reason 1 - Aesthetics
Only dentists  can distinguish the color and shape of implants from natural teeth during examinations. Removable or bridge prosthesis are different from natural teeth, and the difference is noticeable to the naked eye.
♦ Reason 2 - Feelings
It is easy to get used to implants, after a day or two the patient stops feeling them as a foreign body, which is one of the advantages of implantation. The most "advanced" removable prostheses and bridges remain in the oral cavity as "foreign" structures.
♦ Reason 3 - Gums
During dental implantation, the gums are customized so that the soft tissues and gums, as well as the teeth, look natural. Also, the implant is protected from the penetration of saliva and infection. Both bridges and removable prostheses change the contour of the gums.
♦ Reason 4 - Congestion
Dental implantation ensures the optimal level of bone tension, which prevents its atrophy. It means that the risk of losing other teeth is reduced. Other types of prostheses exacerbate bone loss and bone changes become apparent.
♦ Reason 5 - Food intake
With the help of implants, you can chew any food without the risk of tooth breakage. Both removable and bridge prostheses can fall out when chewing hard food.
♦ Reason 6 - Installation process
During dental implants, there is no need to grind the adjacent teeth, which means there is no risk of losing them. Such a need often arises during the installation of bridges, which sometimes leads to other healthy teeth damage.
♦ Reason 7 - Longevity
The best manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on implants. The crown should be changed no more than once every 10 years. Even the most modern bridges serve no more than 5-8 years. Removable prostheses should be replaced almost every year.
♦ Reason 8 - Maintenance
Implants need the same care as natural teeth and do not cause additional problems and inconveniences.
♦ Reason 9 - Functionality
The advantage of implants is that you can restore any number of missing teeth, up to the entire denture. With the help of implants, both aesthetics and chewing function are completely restored.
♦ Reason 10 - Prevention

Implants prevent the mobility of the teeth next to the missing teeth, which helps prevent periodontal disease.
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