Online dental consultation in Armenia

Online dental consultation in Armenia

Elix Dental Clinic provides online consultation service for residents abroad.

What are the advantages of online dental consultation?

➤ Convenience:
Communicating with a therapist via phone or video call from your preferred location will be convenient from emotional perspectives and saves time.

➤ Available professional assistance:
Currently, highly qualified specialists work at the clinic. You can have consultation and professional  opinions from orthodontists, therapists, orthopedists, surgeons, implantologists (depending on your problem). Here the advantage of doctors' narrow specialization is being conducted.

➤ Initial consultation: Planning and preparing for effective treatment.
You can discuss your problem that concerns you with a doctor online, or diagnose the problem that you suspect. The doctor will explain the nature of the disease and the possible treatment options. If you are planning to fix malocclusion, install veneers or implants, whiten or remove teeth, but do not know where to start, then the initial online consultation will help you decide your further actions. 

Online consultation provides an excellent opportunity to consult with leading experts in Armenia and also for all residents abroad, who wish to visit our clinic for a consultation with a qualified doctor. Now distance is not a problem, you can get initial consultation, offers and follow-up treatment plans remotely via video call, online chat or a phone.

How online dental consultation works:

To receive an online consultation with a dentist at Elix Clinic, you need to:

1. Contact the clinic and inform the administrator about your desire to get an online consultation. You can also message us on our Facebook or Instagram pages and leave your contacts. If you have X-rays, 3D scans, or other diagnostic files, the administrator will provide you with an email address and you can send them to the doctor to check, before the consultation.

2. The administrator will schedule a convenient time for your online consultation and make an appointment with the doctor.

3. The results of the diagnosis should be no more than 2 months before to allow the specialists to study and analyze them thoroughly.

4. After making the payment and confirming the date and time, you should get in touch via the messenger  you choose for an online consultation.

The initial treatment plan often coincides with the final plan by about 90%. However, a series of details, regarding changes in treatment schemes and methods, should be discussed during in-person consultations with the doctor, so that he can make accurate diagnoses based on the results of investigations and necessary additional studies, and make a final treatment plan.

Our main goal is your health and well-being. We are ready to help, even when you cannot visit our clinic in person.


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