Carboxytherapy is the saturation of skin cells with carbon dioxide molecules, CO2. It can be carried out by 2 methods: with the help of injections or external influence. Due to carbon dioxide molecules, the pores are significantly reduced, the surface of the skin is smoothed, the skin is refreshed, the inflammatory foci disappear. CO2 is known in cosmetology for its whitening effect. There are no age restrictions.

Indications for carboxytherapy are:

  •  premature skin aging, 
  •  facial wrinkles,
  •  acne,
  •  dark circles under the eyes,
  •  pale face.

Contraindications to carboxytherapy are:

  • chronic diseases,
  • circulatory and cardiovascular diseases,
  • nervous system disorder,
  • pregnancy and lactation period,
  • renal and respiratory failure.

Carboxytherapy does not cause complications and has no harmful effects. Carboxytherapy can be combined with other aesthetic interventions.

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