About the benefits, installation and care for veneers

Modern dentistry allows us to achieve amazing results. For those who want to hide the defects of the front teeth and have a Hollywood smile, there is a solution: veneers. Elix Clinic offers veneer placement due to leading technologies, we guarantee maximum results.

Veneers can be made of different materials:

Composite veneers,
Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers have a number of advantages:

● Do not show sensitivity to dyes and tobacco smoke.
● There are many options to choose from in terms of shades to bring the color closer to natural teeth.
● Are very durable and thus serve for more than ten years without any problem.
● Ceramic veneers are delicate, invisible to others, and easy to clean.

Advantages of wearing veneers:

● Increased self-confidence and attractiveness. As a result, the mental state improves.
● There is no pain during the procedure.
● You can get a wonderful result in a few days.
● You don't have to think about teeth whitening anymore.
● Teeth are protected from caries.
● Teeth shine with a natural color.
Veneers also have indications and contraindications, during the consultation, professional specialists will suggest to you the right solutions to have healthy and beautiful teeth.

Care of veneers.

● There are no restrictions after veneers are applied. However, after a few weeks you should visit the doctor for a prophylactic check-up.
● In order for the applied veneers to last as long as possible, a few simple rules must be followed:
● Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, use dental floss if necessary.
● Try not to use strong staining substances (coffee, red juice, wine).
● Rinse your mouth after each meal.
● Try not to eat too much solid food.
. ● If you grind your teeth at night, you should also use kappas.
● Visit the dentist every six months for prophylaxis.

Frequently asked questions about veneers.

- Are veneers painful to apply?
- No, anesthesia is used. The placement of the veneers is painless.

- Is it possible to put veneers on all teeth?
- Usually it is not done like that, the doctor can explain in more detail during the consultation.

- What is the lifespan of veneers?
- Composite veneers last five years, ceramic veneers last ten years or more.

- How to remove veneers?
- Veneers should only be removed with the help of a dentist.


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