What are Kappas?

Kappas are removable orthodontic appliances worn for medical or preventive purposes. They are made of non-oxidizing metal or polymers.

Kappas are used for various purposes: to restore the position of teeth, to relax the tension of the masticatory muscles, for teeth whitening or surface usage of drugs to protect the teeth from injuries during professional workouts.

Kappas are easy to use, as they can be easily removed and put on oneself.
Individual kappas are made with the form of a tooth arch so that they stick firmly to the teeth, do not limit jaw movements and do not cause pain or discomfort. 

Kappas are also used after the bracket treatment is completed to fix the result obtained after the treatment, as it takes time for bone formation to prevent the teeth from bending again. The Bracket treatment process is as important as the retention period.

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