About the benefits, putting and taking caring of braces

Braces systems have been widely used in dentistry for several decades to help straighten/correct the dentition of children and adults.

Among the advantages of braces are:

♦ Guaranteed result.
For adults, braces are often the only way to effectively straighten teeth. Modern braces have little effect on the aesthetics of the smile.
♦ A wide range of indications.
If many other orthodontic constructions are ineffective in case of serious anomalies, almost any problem can be successfully solved with braces. The only exception will be, perhaps, serious pathologies requiring surgical intervention.
♦ There are no upper age restrictions.
You can put braces to correct the dentition both at the age of 25 and at the age of 60. The only thing to consider is that with age it takes more time to get the result.

Unbearable pain while carrying braces is a myth.

It is true that the patient may feel pain and discomfort the first days after the installation. However, this is absolutely normal, because unusual pressure is applied to the teeth. In most cases, it is a matter of moderate pain or itching of the gums, which usually disappear on their own after a few days.
Braces don't damage the tooth enamel, because in a normal healthy state it is able to fully withstand the pressure of such a mechanical structure. Of course, if the enamel is damaged, the preliminary treatment of the teeth will be a prerequisite.

Available prices

The variety of orthodontic systems presented in different value categories allows you to choose and install braces without a large burden on your personal budget. As practice shows, today the prices of braces for adults are affordable for most patients who need bite correction.

Taking Care of braces

Patients with braces should brush their teeth after every meal. It is necessary to visit the dentist-orthodontist at least 3 times a year for professional cleaning. In addition, during the period of wearing braces, there are certain restrictions on the choice of food (you should temporarily exclude nuts, as well as extremely hard and viscous foods, such as toffee and similar candies). Despite everything, you should remember that all inconveniences are temporary, but a beautiful smile will stay with you forever.

What materials are modern braces made of?

● Until recently, metal braces systems were mainly used in orthodontics. This solution is still popular today, because metal braces are the most affordable.
Ceramic braces are also available. Most ceramic braces are barely noticeable on teeth and don't attract extraneous attention.
● Another option is sapphire braces. Aluminum oxide braces are almost completely transparent. Here, perhaps, the only problem is the high cost of such brace systems.


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