Dentistry with installment plan

Dentistry with installment plan

Terms and conditions of Installment plan for implantation, prosthetics, veneers, and other dental services

Today, about a third of potential dental patients cannot afford prosthetics or implants on time due to a lack of financial resources. By delaying treatment, they exacerbate their health problems. Installment plans for dental treatments such as implants, prosthetics, and veneer placement will allow payment in small amounts.

This is a very good option for solving dental problems; the doctor treats the teeth without waiting for the disease to develop.

You can pay for any dental treatment with an installment plan: implants, prosthetics, veneers, and much more.

Terms and conditions of  installment plan for dental services:

Terms and conditions of  installment plan  at Akba Bank:

Period - 24 months

Currency - Armenian Dram (AMD)

Annual nominal interest rate - 21.60%

Annual actual interest rate - 23.87%

Required documents: passport/ID card, social security card, email address, two phone numbers.


Type of service- Payment limit provided online through the InecoMobile system

Method of provision - non-cash 

Currency - Armenian Dram (AMD)

Annual nominal interest rate - 0%

Annual actual interest rate - 0%

Payment limit amount - AMD 100,000 - 5,000,000

Transaction amount within the limit- AMD 30,000 - 5,000,000

Transaction amount repayment period - 3 or 6 months, depending on the terms of cooperation between the Bank and the relevant partner trade and service center

Service fee - Not defined

Cash withdrawal fee- Cash withdrawal is not allowed

Payment method - Equal monthly payments of the transaction amount provided within the limit

For more detailed information, read here:

Rocket Line

Interest Rate - 0% - 21.7%

Repayment Period - 1-36 months

Currency - Armenian Dram

Maximum Amount - 10,000,000 AMD

Required Documents - ID card, certificate of non-receipt of SSS/SSS, customer's email address, phone number

No Paperwork Required - No need to submit any documents or sign a contract

0% Service Fee - Loan is provided without any service fees

Online Approval - Receive or increase your limit without visiting the bank

Extended Term - Up to 36 months repayment period
For more detailed information, read here.

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