Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are Dentistry artificial caps that are used for the restoration of  a tooth or entire teeth arch.
Press-ceramic and simple Ceramic crowns differ from each other mainly in terms of aesthetic characteristics. In one type the thickness of the layer is emphasized, while in another, the result is achieved with the help of nutrients. 

The Crowns made from zirconium dioxide externally have no difference from the previous two ones, since the base on which the crown is formed already has color (it is not dark like metal).
Its main advantage is that the tooth tissue is grinded less than in the case of metal-ceramic crowns.
Another important advantage is that the organism easily accepts this material, as it is an organic material, and is well accepted by all tissues.

Press-ceramic and simple ceramic crowns can be chemically bonded to the teeth, reaching perfect hermeticity. However, in the case of Zirconia Crowns, the hermeticity may not be complete, as certain types of cements do not adhere perfectly to this material. In such cases, mechanical fixation is necessary. 

In our work, we use crowns made from zirconium dioxide, when there are metal pins or when it's necessary to prepare a bridged-shaped  prosthesis. In all other cases, we use crowns without metal content, which can be bonded to the tooth chemically, without causing any harm.

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