Cutting the frenulum

Cutting the frenulum

Among children oral cavity structure disturbance causes a number of problems: incorrect sucking or difficulty in feeding with a pacifier, slurred speech, etc. A short frenulum is quite common among newborns.

The cutting of the short frenulum causes no pain, no sutures are placed, no scar remains. Plastic surgery is carried out at the age of 5-9, because phonetic speech disorders are already noticeable at that age.

In the postoperative period, it is important to exclude solid vegetables, hard and hot food from the diet, it is necessary to carefully follow oral hygiene.

The indications for cutting the frenulum are the followings:
1. Treatment at the orthodontist
2. Gum recession and inflammation
3. Implantation of teeth
4. Complication of periodontal treatment
5. Fixation of mobile prosthesis
In case of adults, cutting frenulum is carried out under anesthesia and is sutured.


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