Dental clinic in Yerevan

Elix Clinic is a dental clinic founded in 2021

Our main and fundamental goal was to elevate the self-esteem of our city's residents, put in the first place health priorities creating an atmosphere where everyone smiles  and it was named as «SMILE CITY», then was renamed as «Elix Clinic».
Today, in our clinic, patients can get any type of dental treatment starting from comprehensive diagnosis to all phases of planning leading up to treatment services provided by qualified orthopedics, surgeons, orthodontists, implantologists, cosmetologists, Doctors, who achieved great success in the field of Dentistry, and constantly retraining abroad. Most importantly, they provide each patient with a special approach, get on well with all of them and conscientiously fulfill everyone's desires.

In addition to doctors, Elix Clinic has a big team, who consider their job a priority and do it with the greatest dedication. By contributing their talent and skills they do their best so that you can be informed online about all the details of Dentistry and cosmetology.

Consultation with us is free in order to help you make the right decision. That is why you should confidently reach out to us:

For more detailed and professional information, you can call  by number 055 763080.

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