Almond Acid peeling

Almond Acid peeling

Almond peeling based on mandelic acid is a superficial peeling that is obtained from the fruits of bitter almonds. Mandelic acid is an oily, aromatic acid that has an anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, anti-blackhead, softening effect. Mandelic acid doesn’t have a photosensitizing effect, due to which it can be used even during periods of high solar activity.

The advantages of peeling are:

• Post-peeling recovery period is short,
• Safe for dark skin (the possibility of hyperpigmentation is negligible);
• Can be used for delicate and sensitive skin.
• Prevents the occurrence of infectious complications,
• Indicated in case of blackhead disease.

Contraindications to peeling based on mandelic acid:

• hypersensitivity to the active components of the substance,
• acute inflammatory rash,
• herpes,
• pyoderma,
• Violation of skin integrity,
• pregnancy and lactation.

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