Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth

Is it possible not to remove wisdom teeth when installing braces?

Wisdom teeth cause a lot of inconvenience, starting with the fact that they are the last teeth to erupt, already at a relatively mature age (usually up to 25 years). This process is often accompanied by pain, inflammation of the gums, damage to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. From a functional point of view, we no longer need wisdom teeth, in ancient times our ancestors used them to chew the hard, coarse food in their daily diet, but now it is just a rudiment. Therefore, patients often ask the question, isn't it better to have wisdom teeth removed than to endure the discomfort? And this is especially true for those who are planning orthodontic treatment.

How are braces and wisdom teeth related?

One of the possible reasons for the need for a brace system is the lack of space in the jaw for all the teeth. The point is that in ancient times the size of the human jaw was larger, including due to lifestyle and nutrition, and now the jaw has become smaller, so the teeth simply do not fit on it, and dental crowding can occur. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, causes complications, and also causes a number of dental diseases due to hygiene difficulties. Basically, teeth that don't fit together can start to shift forward, creating a bite problem as well. These problems are solved by installing braces, but the orthodontist always has the question of whether to remove the wisdom teeth before starting the treatment or leave them.

Do I need to remove wisdom teeth when getting braces?

Not really. If the teeth are already fully erupted and at the same time they are healthy, not affected by caries or other dental diseases, and don't interfere with neighboring teeth, then removal is not necessary. It is important that the problem that orthodontic treatment solves is not caused by wisdom teeth problems. In any case, the final decision is made by the doctor after preliminary examination and diagnosis. If wisdom tooth extraction is necessary in any case, then it is performed by the surgeon before starting the orthodontic treatment. As a rule, they are removed in pairs so as not to break the symmetry of the face. If there are indications, it is not recommended to ignore the extraction procedure, because the mechanical action after installing the braces will, of course, help straighten the teeth, but over time the teeth can move again and take their previous position.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

The professionalism and work experience of the surgeon at the clinic allows to minimize discomfort and the possibility of injuries during wisdom tooth extraction. The extraction is performed under local anesthesia.

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