Discolored (yellow) teeth

Discolored (yellowed) teeth

Causes and treatment methods

A natural snow-white smile is unfortunately extremely rare. We are born with a certain shade of skin, eyes, hair and teeth. Over time, the color of the teeth changes and worsens, and most often a yellowish shade appears. But it is possible to give the desired whiteness to the smile, regardless of the reasons for discoloration. There are home and professional methods to help you do this.

Why does yellow plaque appear?

The tooth enamel itself has no color, it is almost completely transparent. Minerals give it a slight yellowness. The hard tissues of the tooth (dentin) also have a yellowish color. This is where the natural slightly yellowish shade of every person's teeth comes from. Slight yellowness indicates that both enamel and dentin have sufficient minerals. The high degree of mineralization ensures the strength and health of teeth for many years. This is why the canines, which contain more dentin, are the most durable teeth, but are also yellower than the front incisors. But it happens that over time, due to a number of reasons, the natural yellowish shade of the teeth becomes darker.

About the main causes of yellow plaque

➤ Heredity:
Pigmentation is mostly hereditary. So, if the parents have yellow tooth enamel, it is likely that the child will also have a similar shade of teeth.
➤ Use of tobacco:
The substances contained in tobacco are the cause of the dark shade of the teeth. This is quite a common problem for all those who smoke.
➤ Age:
Changes in the body with age are complex in nature, they also affect the teeth. Even during a healthy lifestyle and competent nutrition, the enamel becomes thin and yellow.
➤ Coloring drinks and food:
Food and drink may contain saturated colors. Natural or synthetic, they can stain tooth enamel by penetrating into its pores and changing its color. Yellow teeth can be from coffee and tea, carbonated colored drinks, if you use them constantly and in large quantities.
➤ Medicines:
Some medications can cause teeth to turn yellow. They are mainly antibiotics, and primarily tetracycline drugs. Color change can occur even if the mother used antibiotics during pregnancy. How to remove the yellow color of the teeth? How to get rid of the yellow color of the teeth? This is possible with the help of various methods, therefore, do not be sad if for various reasons the smile is not snow-white enough. You can get rid of the yellow color of your teeth with both home remedies and professional whitening by a dentist.
➤ Care and hygiene:
To keep the color of the teeth, it is important to brush the teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. In addition, you should rinse your mouth after each meal to wash away the sugar and food coloring residues. Chewing gum without sugar will also take care of your oral hygiene. Although such products will not whiten the teeth, they will improve the condition and color of the teeth.
➤ Food:
How to reduce the yellow coloring of teeth with food? For this, it is necessary to include solid and crunchy vegetables and fruits in the diet: carrots, radishes, apples, etc. It will help to remove plaque. Vitamin C also has whitening properties, for this you should use citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries. Add them to your diet more often, or simply brush your teeth with orange peel or strawberries. Banana peel is also effective in this matter.

Professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most effective and safest method. The procedure is carried out under the supervision of a doctor, it is safe (unlike home cleaning with baking soda) and effective, the shade of the teeth can become several tones lighter. The procedure is paid, but it allows restoring the natural color of teeth, and the result lasts for about two years.

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