Botulinum therapy

Problems that botulinum therapy solves

Trying to maintain an attractive appearance and improve body contours, many people apply for botulinum therapy in cosmetology. This is the name given to the botulinum toxin type A injection procedure. Under the influence of the substance, the muscles weaken and as a result, facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Wrinkles do not appear at the injection site of botulinum toxin during its action. Botulinum therapy injections are mainly used to remove facial wrinkles. Such injections give a quick result: the face is rejuvenated in a short time. Botulinum toxin acts temporarily, it does not accumulate in the body, it gradually leaves the body.
Botulinum toxin is temporary, it does not accumulate in the body, it gradually leaves it.

Among the problems solved with the help of botulinum therapy are:

  • A solution to the problem of facial wrinkles for a long time,
  • The problem of hyperhidrosis is solved, the solution to the problem of excessive sweating of the hands, feet, armpits and face,
  • The problem of masticatory muscle hypertonus,
  • The problem of headaches and tension,

According to statistics, 30% of the world's population suffers from frequent headaches. There are different types of headaches, but Botox treatment is particularly effective for frequent headaches (tension headaches).

Botulinum toxin injections relieve headaches within 3 months and, in some cases, eliminate them permanently.

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