Acne treatment

Acne treatment

As we understood from the previous article, there are many reasons for the occurance of pimples. You can treat the external formation of pimples endlessly, but until the real cause of their occurrence is found, all the measures taken will only have a temporary effect. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor immediately, even at the first stage of the disease.

But you should understand that no doctor can just look at you and immediately indicate the cause and prescribe treatment.
It is necessary to make a diagnosis to identify the real cause of acne and choose an effective treatment regimen.

You have to be patient.
Acne cannot be cured within a few weeks. Several months of therapy is required to completely eliminate the cause of the inflammatory process and reduce relapse. Do not leave the treatment halfway.

What can’t be done in case of acne?

If you have acne at any stage, then:

1. Don't pop the pimples.

In the best case, it will leave a deep scar on the skin, in the worst case, sepsis may develop, and then surgical intervention cannot be avoided. Popping  in the area of the nasopharyngeal triangle is especially dangerous. When you pop the pimples, you make the condition worse because the bacteria spreads over a larger area of skin.

2. Don't heat the skin.

Avoid heating creams and therapies.

3. Don't use antibiotics at your discretion without a doctor's prescription.

4. Don't use "grandmother's methods", some of them are simply dangerous for the body and can cause even greater inflammation.

5. Don't dry out your skin.

Aggressive skin care products can worsen the condition of the skin, but have no effect on the spread of pimples.

Unfortunately, the problem of acne cannot be solved by home care alone, you cannot achieve results without a cosmetologist and a dermatologist. Only a doctor can prescribe effective therapy and recommend appropriate care measures for your specific case.

Acne can return throughout life if you do not follow the rules of care after treatment. If the cause of the rash is an internal disorder of the body, then they should first be treated by a specialist doctor - endocrinologist, gynecologist or gastroenterologist.

The main thing is to start the treatment on time and not to aggravate the problem.

Today, acne can be treated and the skin can return to its former beauty.

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