7 best peelings for the face

7 best peelings for the face

Fading of facial color, appearance of wrinkles, acne marks, pigmentation, sagging skin and signs of facial fatigue, if you are familiar with these phenomena, then this material will be very useful for you.

We will talk about the 7 best peelings that can solve all these problems, regardless of age and skin type.

Superficial peelings.

Such peels work in the upper layers of the dermis, remove the keratinized layer of cells and make the skin smooth and shiny.

1. Nitric acid peeling
It is the most popular and gentle peeling. Nitric acid peeling can be used all year round because it has a minimal recovery period.

Nitric acid peeling.
- Removes the keratinized layer of cells

- Cleanses and tightens pores

- Regulates the work of sebaceous glands

- Fights acne

- Has an antiseptic effect

This peeling is perfect for young skin or as a preparatory stage for deeper peeling or other cosmetic procedures.

2. Lactic acid peeling
Lactic acid cleans the skin and restores the fluid balance in the skin cells, and also has an antioxidant effect and promotes the production of natural collagen and elastin.

The main effects of lactic acid peeling are:

  - Skin cleansing

  - Hydration at the cellular level

  - Fight against the first signs of aging

  - Natural cell regeneration

  - Anti-inflammatory effect

This peeling is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, as well as for those with small and mimic wrinkles.

3. Glycolic peeling

This peeling perfectly restores skin texture, fighting wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. Because glycolic acid works well in the deeper layers of the skin, even pigmentation and freckles are affected by this peeling.

Glycolic peeling can overcome such problems as:

  - Dull shade
  - Age-related skin changes
  - Stretch marks and scars
  - Post-acne marks
  - Pigmentation
  - Violation of sebum regulation

The concentration of this peeling can be adjusted, so it is suitable for absolutely any skin type.

Medium peelings

This type includes peelings that work in the deeper layers of the dermis and, in addition to cleaning the skin, solve more serious problems: fight age changes, treat pigmentation, etc.

4. Salicylic acid peeling

This peeling is mainly used to fight inflammation and acne. The effectiveness of salicylic peeling is due to the unique ability of salicylic acid to penetrate the openings of sebaceous glands and normalize their activity.

Peeling with salicylic acid does:

- Skin cleansing

- Elimination of sores and inflammations

- Destruction of bacteria, normalization of sebaceous glands

- Skin disinfection
Salicylic peeling is recommended for problematic and oily skin.

5. TCA peeling

A fairly well-known peeling is based on trichloroacetic acid. The depth of the peeling action is determined by the concentration of the acid and can vary from superficial to deep.

TCA peeling acts in many areas and perform:

- Deep cleaning

- Restoration of skin tone

- Wrinkle smoothing

 - Illuminating pigmentation

 - Tone alignment

 - Anti-inflammatory effect

 - Stimulation of metabolic processes

 - Increasing the barrier function of the dermis

TCA peeling is used for absolutely all types of skin.

6. Jessner's peeling

Peeling that combines two acids (lactic acid and salicylic) and resorcinol, which enhances the effect.

Peeling has a strong antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

The indications for Jessner peeling are:

- Visible signs of skin aging

- Enlarged pores

- Acne and post-acne

 - Dry and dull skin

 - Pigmentation

This Peeling can be applied at any age and for any skin type, as the depth of action is determined by the number of layers applied.

Deep peeling

These peelings act in all layers of the skin, from superficial (removal) to deep (restorative processes).

7. Yellow peeling

The basis of yellow peeling is retinoic acid, which can overcome complicated problems such as skin scars. Peeling also contains other acids (phytonic, azelaic) and vitamin C, which enhance the peeling effect.

Effects of yellow peeling:

 - Skin cleansing

- Sebum regulation

- Illuminating pigmentation

- Removal of scars and stretch marks

- Elimination of acne and pimples

- Wrinkle smoothing

- Slowing down of skin aging processes

- Increased skin tone

Yellow peeling is used for aging and problematic skin, as well as skin with heavy pigmentation.

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